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Years ago, I was just getting started in the internet industry. I opened site after site. Every time someone would mention a domain name in a movie or tv show I would go out and purchase it, hoping to make it a success and earn a substantial income online. Every time I came up with the slightest idea for a website I would create it. I was terrible at web design but I knew enough to get by. The problem was that I knew nothing about getting visitors to my website.

Since you are here, you must know that not knowing how to do this is not a small problem. When you can’t get visitors to your site, you can’t make any sales! It doesn’t matter how spiffy your landing page is, or how good of a product you have.

“When you can’t get visitors to your site, you can’t make any sales!”

Scouring the net with my latest website in mind, I looked high and low for ways of promoting it and I came upon a few different kinds of websites. After testing them thoroughly, I came to the conclusion that the first, promising as much traffic as I could afford, was actually delivering robot visitors to my site. The second, a massive email list to 30 million members was sending close to 100,000 emails a day! If I was not going to look through 100,000 emails a day, neither was anyone else.

Then, just as I was about to give up, I came across a site unlike any of the others that I had debunked. Call it fate, luck or whatever you believe in, but one minute I was about to give up on my dreams, and the next I had found a site that would change my outlook forever and help me achieve success on the internet. This site had all of the benefits of the other sites but none of the drawbacks. I could customize my own Email Ad and send it out to all the members, just like I did on the email list. The difference was, the members actually wanted to see my ad. They not only opted in once, but twice to join the site – many looking for great value on products or services and many looking to make money on the internet among other things.

“I had found a site that would change my outlook forever and help me achieve success on the internet”

Just like the other site, I could get as much traffic as I could afford with Quality Paid To Click Advertising. The difference was that these were not robot visitors. These were real people with a real want to purchase products, or sign up for a service that they might enjoy. I could tell that the traffic came from real people because I, myself, could sign up to be one of them. More importantly, I could also tell this because, for the first time, I started to see results and make money on the internet.

In all of my searching, I had read a few independent marketing studies. One of them showed that repeat advertising is almost six times as effective as one-time advertising. This meant that the more the same people saw your site, the more likely they were to purchase from you. Think about main stream products like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. If you had only heard about them once, you wouldn’t be very likely to remember the names, let alone think of them when you are thirsty. If you had heard about one of them a lot more than the other, then you would remember the name better and most likely choose that one when seeing them both in the store. I did the only logical thing at this point and purchased a bulk package including Paid To Click Visitors, Email Advertising, and Banner Impressions. The results were good enough that I purchased another package and directed all of the visitors to another of my sites. Once again, I saw great results. I was making money and started to become very excited about the future.

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A few months later I had the first site I advertised redesigned by a professional. I then brought it back to the only site that I would ever use to advertise again. Not only did I get repeat buyers from the first time I set up my campaign but I got a proportionally higher amount of new sales due to both the new members of the site and my spiffy new design.

“Minutes after you blast off one of our powerful methods of advertising you will start to notice visitors flocking to your website.”

In case you haven’t figured it out, this amazing site was the site that you are now looking at. I quickly realized that I was on to something powerful and I purchased ProPaidEmail as fast as I could. After setting up ads for my sites, all of my Alexa rankings started to skyrocket and my search engine positioning did the same. I started to get listed in directories that I hadn’t even heard of. People started emailing me with link exchange ideas or just to ask permission to list me in their directory or search engine. Since that day, every site that I have opened has become successful and I owe it all to ProPaidEmail.

Whether you already run a very successful business or you dream of travel, luxury cars and cash, the same powerful advertising system that helped me achieve success can do the same for you. ProPaidEmail can help you increase your traffic, your sales, your Alexa ranking, your search engine positioning and your brand recognition. All of these being essential building blocks to your success and your future.

Minutes after you blast off one of our powerful methods of advertising you will start to notice visitors flocking to your website. Hours into it, you will be flooded by a sea of potential customers. According to independent marketing research you only have three seconds to attract and keep the attention of potential buyers. Our system blows this small time frame out of the water by giving you a minimum of 15 seconds per customer – five times more than without our system. Our members will not be credited until they have viewed your site for this very generous time minimum, optimizing the appeal of your site and ad copy – and due to this, you would have had a more than the perfect amount of time to turn them into sales.

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Unlike any other site, ProPaidEmail focuses its marketing effort on the quality of the members that join. We don’t just throw around our money trying to get as many members as we can, but we spend more to drive quality members to our site by our targeting methods and partnerships. Despite our unique and highly targeted marketing, we still manage to maintain the title of “The Most Popular Paid To Read On The Internet.” In 2003 and 2004 we won the prestigious Level 3 Diamond Web Award presented by The International Association of Webmasters and Designers (IAWMD). Then, immediately after the big season finale of the highest rated American Idol season we enjoyed a very complimentary spot on the New York Channel 5 News bringing us an even larger portion of US members.

What this means is that, not only are you going to receive more prospective customers to your site, but you will receive higher quality visitors to your site, delivered along with all of the other benefits of our effective marketing strategies. We have packages for almost every situation and different need. To help people think of you when they think of purchasing a product we have Banner Impressions that increase the brand recognition of your site and help you become a common name on the internet. To build your Alexa, search engine rank and sales we have Paid To Click Visitors that run continuously delivering a guaranteed amount of quality visitors to your site – these will be seen by our current and newest members joining all the time until we have completely sent you the guaranteed amount of visitors purchased. In order to convey your message and sales pitch clearly and in your own words we have Powerful Email Advertising that delivers your message directly to the on-site and personal mailboxes of our members. And we have a lot more including Guaranteed Signups To Your Program. All of these will get you well on your way to realizing your dreams and building your money making empire on the internet.

“We Bait The Hook And Catch The Fish, All You Have To Do Is Reel Them In For The Sale”

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